YouTube Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Crackdown Reversal? Influencer Says Strike Removed

26 December 2019, Thursday, 15:20 -
YouTube Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Crackdown Reversal? Influencer Says Strike Removed

One of the first channels hit by YouTube’s sudden crackdown on Bitcoin and crypto videos says he’s seeing positive signs of a reversal from the media giant.

Chris Dunn says YouTube has removed the strike on his channel. But despite the progress, he’s still waiting for all of his videos to be reinstated.

“Latest update on the YouTube disaster: Yesterday my channel strike was removed and videos were showing ‘appeal approved,’ but only a few of them were actually reinstated on my channel again.”

According to Dunn, a YouTube rep told CoinDesk that hundreds of crypto videos across dozens of channels were removed in error and will be reinstated – but so far he’s unaware of any channels that have actually had all of their videos restored.

Some of the most popular crypto channels on YouTube have been affected by alleged violations with content tagged as “harmful”. Content creators say that many videos that were educational in nature about Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency were targeted.

Ivan on Tech and Crypto Tips are two of the many channels awaiting a reversal from YouTube. As for what exactly triggered the takedowns, speculations range from “a mistake” to a coordinated attack by bad actors.

— Heidi (@blockchainchick) December 26, 2019

Jake Chervinsky, general counsel at Compound, suggests the crackdown may be related to a conflict of interest on behalf of content creators who promote products and services without making full disclosures.

“I’m guessing the YouTube crypto crackdown has to do with potential violations of Securities Act § 17(b), the “anti-touting” provision, which requires promoters of securities to disclose any compensation they received for their promotion. I’m surprised it took this long, honestly.”

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin is also weighing in.

“Huh? I know that poem says that speaking up when they come for me is already too late, but still, censoring an Ethereum roadmap Q&A is just…. weird. Looks like we need alternatives to YouTube.”

He joins other leaders in the industry, including Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, who are advocating for content creators to use alternative platforms.

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