Litecoin Makes Progress on Privacy Features, New LTC Proposals in the Works

03 December 2019, Tuesday, 15:30 -
Litecoin Makes Progress on Privacy Features, New LTC Proposals in the Works

Litecoin’s developers are confirming progress on privacy features for the LTC blockchain. David Burkett, developer of Grin++, a wallet for the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, says work with Litecoin founder Charlie Lee is paying off.

Burkett reveals that he’s published two new Litecoin improvement proposals and that the LTC Foundation will fund his efforts to create privacy solutions for the world’s sixth-largest cryptocurrency by using the Mimblewimble protocol.

Lee says he’ll match all donations for the development of the crypto’s privacy features.

Burkett adds,

“Great progress has been made. On the Grin++ side, I’ve implemented payments via TOR (a privacy-focused web browser).

Mimblewimble requires interacting with the receiver to build a transaction collaboratively, so by using TOR for that interaction, we’re able to use familiar-looking addresses, a simpler set-up, and much better privacy.”

Explaining how he began working on the project, Burkett says,

“I started by familiarizing myself with the existing code by completing the LTC Dev Training Session.

This meant starting with the latest bitcoin source, and making all modifications necessary to get it to sync. After that, I got to work re-designing the Grin++ codebase in a way that will allow LTC to reuse Grin++ with minimal modifications.”

Crypto innovators are pushing for privacy features as a means of preserving individual rights and as a tool to combat oppressive regimes, by enabling private transactions that allow people to express support for causes and organizations without fear of reprisal.

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